The Edge of His Garment

Mark 5:21-43

Where has your faith taken you lately?  This is a question posed in my heart as I am reading this passage.  I love the local church.  I should, right, since I am a lead pastor here at The Edge?!  But I do, I am learning more & more of the value of His Body, in community. The Spirit of God wants to meet us individually and then corporately.  But there is a reality that many in leadership within church circles frown on the idea of going somewhere for a touch of God.  There are often places where the Spirit of God is moving in mighty and or different ways than we are experiencing and many do not like the idea of going to that place for a touch.

“Christ in you, the hope of glory,” they will say.  Of course this is true.  The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives inside of believers that have asked Him into this space.  But I truly believe that it is ok for a believer, whether on staff at a church or not, to make their way to a conference, a meeting, a small group or wherever the Spirit of the Lord is moving mightily in a season.  I know that some become chasers of something of the Spirit and then come back to the church wanting it to look & feel like what they just experienced.  I also know that many who have done that have caused harm within the Body by bringing judgment, pressure and an attitude of error by trying to force something. I do not condone that.  However, as I read this text I notice something.

This man, Jairus, risks his reputation & position by turning to Jesus to heal his daughter. He approaches Jesus and the 2 of them start towards Jairus’ house.  On the way, a woman with a major health issue is in the crowd that gathered on this journey.  This woman had tried everything to be healed.  She was sick for 12 years, shut out of her synagogue, most likely wasn’t able to have good relations with her husband (as he would be unclean) and spent all of her money on doctors (this is before Obamacare!).

She risked not only her possible rejection (for touching a man while unclean) but also another disappointment if she wasn’t healed.  But she thought, “If I can just touch the edge of His garment, I will be healed.”  She was right!  She was healed!

Jesus realized power had gone out from Him.  He asked who touched His clothes.  This woman then fell at His feet, explaining herself.  He told her that HER FAITH HAD HEALED HER!  In doing this:  She was healed; she encountered the love & grace Jesus offers; she was totally restored in society (He publicly declared her whole).

You see, Jesus was on His way to raise a young girl to life.  He is walking w/a desperate dad–a man of authority in a male-driven society & religious system, yet Jesus stopped to address, love on, heal & restore this woman of faith.  He honored her in front of everyone there–He restored her in every way.  He took the time to be there for her even though He was headed to a dead-raising party!  He is always willing to meet you where you are. Sometimes we must step out in faith & go where He is in order to touch “the edge of His garment.”  Many were touched as He was passing by but like this woman, many were also touched because their faith & desperation caused them to seek Him out!

I pray for His outpouring upon my life and our church in order to be a place that welcomes His Spirit daily.  And I believe we are a place of His presence, where many will encounter Him, get the heart touch & healing they need.  But I am not opposed to being led to step out in faith, heading out to a place where He is moving, in order to get a touch from Him.  I I encourage you to do so, then bring back what He released, but do so humbly and in step with the call on the church.  Go touch the edge of His garment wherever you have to. And then help others encounter this same love–offer them a touch of the edge of His garment through you!

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